(Per)versions of love and hate

Renata Salecl

(Per)versions of love and hate

A unique and timely intervention in contemporary debates on tolerance.

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Why, when we are desperately in love, do we endlessly block union with our love object? Why do we often destroy what we love most? Why do we search out the impossible object? Is it that we desire things because they are unavailable, and therefore, to keep desire alive, we need to prevent its fulfillment?

Renata Salecl explores the distributing and complex relationships between love and hate, violence and admiration, libidinal and destructive drives, through an investigation of phenomenon as diverse as the novels The Age of Innocence and The Remains of the Day, classic Hollywood melodramas, the Sirens’ song, Ceauseşcu’s Rumania and the Russian performance artist Oleg Kulik, who acts like a dog and bites his audience. (Per)Versions of Love and Hate presents a unique and timely intervention in contemporary debates by questioning the legitimacy of the calls for tolerance and respect by multiculturalism and exploring practices such as body-mutilation as symptoms of the radical change that has affected subjectivity in contemporary society.

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»V studio je bila povabljena Renata Salecl, avtorica knjige, Človek človeku virus in Strast do nevednosti, ki je izšla v času Slovenskega knjižnega sejma. Ponavadi strast povezujemo z znanjem, z neko zvedavostjo. Danes velikokrat slišimo, te informacije me ne zanimajo, jaz ne morem več slediti, ker sem potem le slabe volje. Težko pa se identificiramo z nekom, ki ne sledi pravilom, ki jih zahteva od nas.«

Uršula Ana Mrežar, Televizija Slovenija

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